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With companies using flashy websites like Rolex and Omega do, it becomes difficult to find the information you are looking for quickly and at a glance. I've tried to compile the information about Rolex and Omega watches into an easy-to-use resource for people to use when looking for information on Rolex and Omega Watches.

This site is not affiliated with either Omega or Rolex in any way, shape or form. Please Visit Rolex's Website here, and Omega's website here.

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July 16th, 2013 - Minor updates, with some much needed Omega Updates coming soon.

Omega and Rolex are two of the biggest names in Swiss watches, and are individually the two largest producers of COSC Certified Chronometres in the world. However, their similarities end there. I would never be so bold to compare the two companies! The are unique to each other, and both create a wonderful product.

I want to make sure that the information in this website is correct. I've scoured the internet, books, brochures and other articles written by professionals and enthusiasts alike for the information found here. Please contact me if there is anything incorrect on this website.

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